Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kyoto - Temples And Shrines And Movies

Temples and shrines all day: that's what I did. And just to warn you, that's the plan for tomorrow, too. Katie and Laura say they never want to see another temple or shrine again. I can't imagine seeing six months' worth of these things like they have. Not to say I'm not having fun, though. This is still a very exciting country, and it's nice to have people to talk to at night again. Plus, Pearl gets here on Friday.

As usual, all the excitement came after I returned to the hostel. Katie and Laura followed not soon after, and we - what else? - picked a movie out. Laura had been pushing for The Devil Wears Prada since I first met her, and some new people from London supported that decision, so I was outnumbered. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad, even though it was extremely predictable.

Later that night, Ben and I put in Saw III to pay the girls back for the previous movie. It was pretty disgusting and also really stupid. Then we just kind of talked for the rest of the night. Ben and Andrew were appalled that I've eaten almost all of their national animals, and Katie and Laura were trying to figure out what to do now that they soon have to return to the real world. I went to bed peacefully - and not at all frightened by Saw III, might I add - blissfully unaware of the embarrassment heading my way in a few hours.

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