Friday, July 13, 2007

Kyoto - Slapstick, or: Lonesome No More

Today Pearl showed up. She was supposed to get here around two in the afternoon, but she arrived around 5:00 instead. Either way, my loneliness had ended.

On the way to the hostel, I took her to the street where I had seen a lot of geishas, and who happened to be there? Laura and Katie! They were geisha-spotting on their last day in Kyoto, so we stood and talked with them for a while as a few geishas strolled by. We made plans to meet for dinner, and Pearl and I went to the hostel.

Later that night, Pearl and I met Katie and Laura outside our all-purpose landmark (Baskin Robbins), and after being hit on by a gay man from Atlanta, we set off for one of those sushi places that have all the dishes on a conveyor belt. The food was pretty great considering how cheap it was, and the whole evening was a blast. How could I not have a great time with these three ladies?

After dinner, we said goodbye - the girls were spending their last night here in a traditional Japanese inn rather than our little hostel. It sucked saying goodbye to them again - Kyoto wasn't really the same after they left (not to mention the fact that everyone left at the hostel was obnoxious). Of course, within about four hours Laura had already asked me to be friends on Facebook, so I have a feeling we'll say in touch.

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