Friday, September 19, 2008

HALLOWEEN MADNESS: X-Files Pilot Best Moments!

As I mentioned earlier, to celebrate that most wonderful of (mostly) American holidays, Halloween, I will be watching the X-Files (for the first time ever!) and posting the best moments from each episode. I plan on there being tons of fucked up shit to post about, so let's just get right into the pilot.

To catch you up to speed, a whole bunch of kids in Oregon were dying after going into the woods, and they were all found with two small bumps on their lower backs. Obviously aliens, right? This is just a no-brainer.

So Mulder and Scully dig up the body of one of the victims, and when the coffin is opened, what do they find?


Seriously, what the fuck is that thing? This was such a great way to start out the series, and there's no WAY the show was not going to be picked up for more episodes after something as insane as this.

Oh, and then there was this, too:

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tishamay said...

Having never watched the X-files, these next posts of yours should be interesting.