Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HALLOWEEN MADNESS: The X-Files Best Moments, Episode 3!

Finally we get a fairly creepy episode!

This third episode started with some dude walking down the street with a scary pair of eyes glaring at him from a sewer grate.

Seriously, it was much creepier to see than it sounds.

After that, it was all sort of downhill, which is surprising, considering the villain this week could squeeze into tight spaces, was over 100 years old, hibernated for 30 years at a time in a nest made out of human bile, and murdered people by ripping their livers out.

But, I don't know, once you got to see the guy and he was revealed to be just some dude wearing yellow contacts, it wasn't that scary. Look how pathetic he looks:

But the eyes in the beginning? Totally eerie.

Tomorrow I'll post my two articles from the Daily Cardinal. That's right: two! One is the story I did from the interviews with DJ Caruso and Michael Chiklis about Eagle Eye, and the other is a review I did of My Best Friend's Girl, which was a despicable movie and therefore a really fun review to write.

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