Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When I left for the Middle East, everyone back home was worried that something would happen to me. As Americans who haven't traveled to the area, when someone heard the words "Middle East", images of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars flashed in their heads, and they naturally assumed everywhere was like that. Of course, the majority of the area is perfectly safe, and I've never once felt in danger. The thing none of us thought about was the idea that when one of us returned home from study abroad, a loved one wouldn't be there waiting for us.

Unfortunately, Beckett's step-sister passed away two days ago. He flew home that night to be with his family, and he'll stay in Madison until next Wednesday. It killed me as his roommate and closest friend out here to see this happen to him, especially since he got the news within an hour after we finished talking about how incredibly close his family is, even though they're not all blood-related.

We're all a little shell-shocked as well here. I don't think it really entered any of our minds that someone could just be gone when we get home. In fact, we've all made little jokes about how we wish "life would just stop" at home when we go away, based on the jealousy we feel from seeing Facebook pictures show up with all our friends together, having fun without us. But we never really thought that life for anyone would really just stop.

Fortunately Beckett's family is very close, and I know they'll all get through this with each other. He had some difficulty getting out of here so last-minute, but I'm glad he did and that he could rush back home almost immediately. There's not much more you can do when something this unexpected happens - you just pick up the pieces as best you can, and go on. I told both my sisters how much they mean to me, and I'm looking forward to enjoying every minute I spend with my family in London next week, because, well, you never know what's going to happen.

Go tell your friends and family you love them. Salaam.


Shiksa Mom said...

I love you and can't wait to see you.

Aunt Dana said...

You're amazing Danny and I'm so proud of you and all your doing! Love you very much!! You're the best - lots of Love - favorite aunt (Dana like you didn't know that already!)