Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Definitely not doing work.

Greetings from the Egyptian Museum! I'm supposed to be working, but screw that. The page I'm supposed to be entering into this database is literally the most boring thing on the planet.

I don't really have anything to report. Had the most boring weekend thus far in Cairo, since Beckett's gone and I was all alone in my big, overly-fancy apartment. It didn't help that the power went out almost every night.

I leave for England in 24 hours. Finally! The rest of the family is already there, but I think we all know they won't have any fun until I show up. My dad gave me extremely detailed directions as to how to get from Heathrow to their hotel, because apparently it's really hard to get around English-speaking countries. Please, Jay. I've been to Beirut. (I'm going to be one of those people when I get home, who start every other sentence with, "When I was in Egypt...")

I also just bought my tickets for Istanbul. The schedule for these whirlwind two weeks is this: clean the apartment tonight with Emily and Allyson for Beckett's glorious return, take a midterm tomorrow morning, hop in a cab right after class and go right to the airport, fly to England, have the best time ever, return to Cairo on Sunday, go to some classes on Monday (I have to at least pretend I go to school once in a while), eat dinner with Allyson's family and possibly Beckett's family on Monday night, and then jump back on a plane on Tuesday for Istanbul. So I won't really get to rest until Sunday the 25th, and that will only be for three days at most, since we'll be leaving later that week for Luxor and Aswan. And then probably Jordan the weekend after. And then Wisconsin. All our plans are finally coming to fruition, and it's wonderful. The final five weeks are really going to fly by incredibly fast, I think, which is very bittersweet. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Anyway, I'm for sure meeting up with Laura and Katie (see my posts from Kyoto, Japan) in London probably Friday night for a smashing good time. They're already coaching me on getting rid of embarrassing Americanisms. I don't have a "cell phone", I have a "mobile"! And I certainly don't ride trains, but you bet your ass I "take" them. What a goofy country.

Very, very excited for tomorrow. Maybe I'll even study for my midterm! Probably not, though. (An indication of how easy AUC is: the last midterm for this class, I literally didn't touch my notebook until the five minutes before the test started. I got an A-. Plus I've got the professor in my pocket. We're allowed three excused absences before our grades drop, and I was planning on using my third and final absence for the day I was missing when I took off for Istanbul. But I ended up sleeping through the class last week after I stayed up all night with Beckett. So I approached the professor after class to ask her to possibly waive that absence due to circumstances beyond my control. I was nervous as hell, because she's a massive bitch during class, yelling at all the Egyptian students who come in late or talk on their phones while she's teaching or do other assorted things during class I thought only actually ever occurred within the Clueless universe. But she cut me off before I could even explain the situation, and surprised me by knowing my name. "Daniel, don't worry about it. The three-absence rule isn't concrete for you." So... I love this woman. Am I still writing in parentheses? How embarrassing.)

Maybe I'll go back to work. Or maybe I'll just go home. Whatever, I do what I want. Ya'll can't stop me!


Geoff said...

Enjoy your trip(s)! See you when you get back!

Anonymous said...

Finally you post on something I care about. Be assured, we can watch Clueless the second you get back.