Friday, June 15, 2007

I Think I'm Turning Japanese

Nine days until I leave for Japan. I've bought my backpack, my rail passes, booked my hostels in Tokyo in advance. I also got my visa for Egypt, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Just a few minor things to do in the next week, and then I'm off.

Many of you probably don't know Pearl, but you will. I've mentioned her in an earlier post - my single greatest life achievement (other than standing up for more than 24 hours) took place at her house, remember? Anyway, you'll get to know her soon enough. She's teaching English in Tokyo and is the main reason for this Japanese trip, since it was originally going to be a trip to Europe. Up until today, Pearl and I were only going to be together for the final Tokyo leg of the trip, but she just called me to let me know that she has a week off to go backpacking. So she'll be meeting me in Kyoto in time for some sort of crazy festival, and she'll join me in traveling for a few days outside of Kyoto. It should be awesome.

I've been temporarily kicked out of my two-man band T-Bag and the Fingercat, since we have two shows during my trip that I won't be able to make. Clay will be playing the part of T-Bag, and I'm sure he'll do well. But clearly not as well as me.

And now here are some puppies.


Two Puppies

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ZY said...

ah-HA! My plans to stalk you are going well. LOL. Well, NY, now that I know I can make sure you're alive I'm good to go. The pups are adorable. Have as much fun as you can possibly have without getting thrown in some foreign prison.